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Windows, Elevators & Star Gazing Oh My!


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Rather than having to build numerous halls and numerous elevators can you provide a bulkier elevator tile that comes with the scalability for multiple floors / maybe put a floor number gui or something. Also side ways elevators perhaps for traversing long stretches of the dojos..  < Really depends on how each dojo is setup. Give us more possibilities ;)


Another idea.. Give us a stardeck. Where can can just chill and look thru a massive clear wall into space. Maybe change the ceiling of the obstacle courses and the dueling rooms to this sort of idea as well. The grand halls, the hallways, etc.


Windws windows windows!




Ciao for now

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I would LOVE a window decoration in my rooms so I could look out into the starfields etc! However, it might cause some problems if your dojo is set up in a certain way; might make your dojo look inconsistent if there is meant to be a room beyond that window but that window is looking into space, making that room look as though it doesn't exist...

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