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Hello Devs I am Zak storm I play Warframe enough to know it needs fixing so here is what's wrong there have been times where the game has told the player that the server is not responding and that at time when the player uses a turret on the railjack half of the screen goes black and the turrets controls get stuck where you can not use it unless someone else does and that everytime I enter my railjack through the drydock I look out the window there are floating rocks and that it shows I got the original engine on when I don't the game needs more than fixing it needs to be updated so where there is weapon and gear people like the look and it damage output personally I do not like most of those things because I like heavy guns Inc mini guns lmg's and laser beams I'm sure there are other gamer who feel the same but they don't open up its great game it can do better but I am very intelligent and creative I got some ideas that byou might like since GTA stole most of my good ideas maybe you like to listen and I can guarantee more players than ever before.

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