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(PC)Spirits of Salem regrutuje


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Pozdrav narode,

Balkanski klan Spirits of Salem prima nove članove. Rank 10 Storm klan, veliki dojo, izgrađen dry dock. 100% urađen research, nemamo trade tax.

Jedini uslov koji imamo je ulazak na Discord server: https://discord.gg/f294ZA

Ko želi da nam se pridruži, neka uđe na discord i javi se u general chat-u.



Hello people,

Balkan clan Spirits of Salem welcomes new members. Rank 10 Storm clan, big dojo, dry dock built. 100% research done, we have no trade tax.

The only requirements we have is to access the Discord server: https://discord.gg/f294ZA and at least MR10.

Anyone who wants to join us can get on the discord and report to the general chat.

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