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Juggernautanonymous- Entrance To Warframe


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I've been a part of the Warframe community for about a week now technically, granted I just accessed the forums today, and would like to warmly introduce myself to the community (which seems amazing by the way). 


I intend on using Rhino with Sorbek, and Dual Revolvers (I forget the name, starts with a V and I'm lazy). Three days from now and I will be able to!~ Oh, and did I mention I'll be using Fragor as well?


So, moving on, I've made an ingame clan named Hive Mind of the Innocents, deep name, I know, that's just how I do things, I intend on making an official forum post of the Clan once I am actually able to, whenever that is... We'll see, if anyone knows how to get to a point where you can make topics on the Find a Clan forum, let me know!




The Juggernaut.




(My Logo for Hive Mind of the Innocents)

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That's cool, I prefer to join a large clan and gets stuff quick.. but too each their own... hope it turns out well..




I mean any day Goon swarm isn't lighting everything on fire and watching it burn.. is another day... .. ya kinda boring.. ay?

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