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Profit-Taker Respawning after Exploiter death


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OK, it's a bit long but here's what happened. I was doing the mission where I have to kill the profit-taker orb, I destroy profit-taker, then I decide to destroy exploiter orb since I love killing those giant robot spiders. I destroy exploiter, then I decide that since both of them are destroyed, I might as well farm some toroids in enrichment labs because I destroyed Profit-Taker, but something unexpected happened. Profit-Taker respawned! She wasn't indestructible neither like a regular mission, she could be damaged! I even checked to see if I could lower her main health and it worked! Even deployed the pylons. I didn't destroy profit-taker there but hypothetically, it is possible to destroy her there. The only real change that makes the fight easier is that enemy forces that normally spawn around Profit-Taker don't spawn around her, they spawn on ground below the building which makes the fight easier. This can be fixed normally but I propose another solution. Have it so when players have destroyed Profit-Taker or Exploiter at least once, they no longer spawn in the orb vallis unless you specifically select the mission to fight against them. It's to show that you killed them and the corpus just didn't rebuild them or make new ones in less than a day.

This can be replicated (I don't recommend it), but here's the evidence.



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