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Idea: Switch Warframes During Mission, Mod Combining (Amalgamate).


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This is some idea i had in mind, but it's better to put them here rather than gathering dust in my head. Not wasting anytime, here i go:




Why is it useful?

  1. The number of warframes keeps increasing. DE keeps giving more each year: 4 primes and 3-4 new warframes per year.
  2. How non meta warframes somehow loses popularity (and reworks tend to arrive late)
  3. Giving more variety on situational moments (For instance, switch to Tanky/DPS Warframe before facing the boss)
  4. Very useful feature on extremely high level content (Arbitrations, Railjack, Sorties, Open World Bosses)

Simply put, it works like Archgun Deployer. You choose an item in your gear, and Ordis will send a warframe into your position using the landing craft. With the existence of railjack's "Entering crewship using slingshot" animation, this idea should be good to be implemented.


  • You can only equip 3 Warframes at a time. The primary warframe is the loadout you currently equip, the other two is picked prior to mission.
  • 400 is a HARD LIMIT on which warframe can be equipped. That includes your primary one. If it exceeds the cost (because you use a very costly primary warframe), then your third warframe (on the last slot) equipped will be disabled.
  • The cost of warframe is calculated as follows (Warframe disposition x Mod Cost used on that warframe). Warframe disposition, like rivens are calculated by how popular that warframe is with the maximum of 3.0x. Example if Saryn Prime is 3.0x, and she has all mod slots used (max 70). Then she will cost 210 when equipped. So, yeah you can't equip 3 "popular" warframes, bummer. But hey, Nyx might be somewhere in the loadout.
  • Weapons are exempt on this feature. Whatever warframe you equip, the Primary-Secondary-Melee loadout is still the same. However if you want to implement this idea, there will be risks which will be explained below.
  • Like Archgun Deployer, there will be a hard cooldown when changing loadout. It will take time for Ordis to send the warframe too (like 10 seconds). No, don't ask for a cooldown ammo like Archgun Deployer had, this will force player to think twice (even thrice) before switching warframes.

Ooh, looks like a promising idea. But what are the HARDWARE LIMITATIONS?

  • RAM limitations. If my programming knowledge is correct, implementing this idea means that the entire squad loadout will be written on your RAM. Unless DE saves the data as a value/integer (which most likely is), then this shouldn't be a problem.
  • Video RAM limitations. Remember that horrible lag when your Ally Kuva Lich appears? Yeah, that's the hardware limitation i'm worried. Not everyone has a powerful GPU. That's why there's an "Waiting time for Ordis sending the Warframe". This allows the other squad members PC to load the new warframe before it arrives.

So how does the situation works?

  1. You're a Speedva on a high level defense mission. By the time enemy starts decimates squad pretty easily (because of Speedva). It's a good time to switch into another warframe like Oberon.
  2. The New War mission and started as Hildryn in a Railjack mission, you entered the dungeon and about to do a boss fight. You'd better change your warframe before facing it.
  3. You're overwhelmed in a squad and need to save the team? Quick! Switch to Nyx and use her 3.


Now for the next idea.


MOD COMBINING (Amalgamate)


Amalgam Mods are Mods with more than one effect, emphasis on the word "Amalgam". With the sentient content coming soon. Either DE gives us new Amalgam mods, or they give us the feature to make Amalgam Mods ourselves called "Synthetic Amalgam Mods". At some point, you'll be able to talk to Alad V in the new Open World area to make such mods.

Here's how it works:

  • Combine Two Mods to create a Synthetic Amalgam Mod with the effects of those two. Example: Vitality and Steel Fiber to create "Amalgam Steel Vitality"
  • You need a certain amount of "Sentient Power" to create Synthetic Amalgam mods. Example: Amalgam Steel Vitality requires 100k Sentient Power.
  • Sentient Cores and Eidolon Shards gives a fixed amount of "Sentient Power". Intact = 100, Exceptional =250, Flawless = 500, Synthetic Shard = 750, Shard = 1000, Brilliant Shard = 2500, Radiant Shard = 5000.
  • You also require Credits to make the mods. Alad V definitely needs that credit after losing profit because of his Amalgam project. Well, a necessary evil.
  • Unlike normal Amalgam Mods, Synthetic Amalgam Mods are color coded in Red-greyish instead of grey. For a specific reason.
  • The bonus it gives is 70% from both mods. Maxed Vitality gives 440% Health, Maxed Steel Fiber gives 110% Armor. Amalgam Steel Vitality gives 320% Health and 80% Armor. Equivalent of Rank 7 on both mods. Yes, the stat is not RNG.
  • The feature is applicable early for Warframe and Weapon mods. Archwing and Companions is likely to appear soon.

Yikes, that sound overpowered. There must be limitations! Well, yes. Here's the LIMITATIONS:

  1. It's limited to Common - Uncommon mods. Don't even think about combining Blind Rage - Streamline or Fleeting Expertise - Continuity. I know what you're thinking.
  2. It's compulsory to have that both mods maxed before combining them. It's a limitation, or as Alad V said "a Max Fused mod for stability" kind of BS.
  3. Sentient Power cost is calculated based on how many ranks both mods has, and their rarity.
  4. Making one Synthetic Amalgam Mod takes time (24 Hours). But you can reduce the time need with toroids (and extra credit) if you're feeling grindy. Alad V is secretly needing those to defeat his rival Frohd Bek. Using plat is a bad idea because some players might scream "omg pay 2 win" in the forums.
  5. Max Mod Rank is the Average (rounded up) of both mods. Redirection is 10 Rank, Fast Deflection is 5 Rank, then Amalgam Fast Redirection will be 8 Rank.
  6. You CANNOT equip Synthetic Amalgam Mods that has one similar effects. Example, You cannot equip Amalgam Steel Vitality and Amalgam Vitality Redirection since both mods has Vitality in it. You can, however equip Amalgam Vitality-Redirection and Primed Vigor (you know what i'm thinking).
  7. Auras, Set Mods, Stances are exceptions on this feature. You can't combine them for balancing reaons.
  8. Exilus can ONLY be combined with another Exilus mods.
  9. Synthetic Amalgam Mods definitely has waay more mod cost than the parent mods. It's the average on both mods plus some. Amalgam Steel Vitality has 16 Cost Maxed.
  10. Equpping Synthetic Amalgam Mods will cause instability during gameplay. Lorewise, transferense instability for warframe. You might getting random debuffs every x seconds, suddenly lose all shields, or worse losing health over time (but it's not toxin proc). For weapons, either your weapon get debuffs like longer reload speed, sudden negative multishot, friendly fire, or worse losing ammo over time. Equipping one might be negligible, but are you willing to take more risk by equipping more? Daredevil? Equip 4 Synthetic Amalgam mods on warframe will give you 10% of sudden death every 30 seconds, chance increases 10% for each mod beyond 4.
  11. Like Riven Capacity, there's a limit on how many Synthetic Amalgam Mods you can store. Since, mathematically there's over 10k combinations even on Common-Uncommon mods. This will save DE's server-side storage.


That's a load off my head, hope DE reads this. What do you guys think about the idea?

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Not sure about the switching warframes, but does make an interesting thought that maybe DE could add some sort of consumable type that drastically changes how your warframe performs for a time. Something like, use one to gain 300% power strength for 3 min, but loose 50% max hp for 6 min. Sort of a buff / curse thing. Could be interesting.

I think combining mods ourselves is a thing thats not a great idea, just given the complexity, along with server issues youve mentioned. That said, I would like to see more almalgems, though with more use. For example the amalgem serration gives sprint speed, which i dont think is a god improvement over just damage when modding a gun.

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I like the amalgam creation idea except this:

1 hour ago, Rasdan said:

Equpping Synthetic Amalgam Mods will cause instability during gameplay

is unneeded gimmick slapped ontop of something that can be already well balanced without it - you pick two things combine them into one slot but at a cost of end bonus, and higher modcapacity drain. And ontop of that you are limited in which mods you can combine in the first place. No need for rng debuffs.


also question remains wether you can use amalgamated version of the mod with base version of the mod that was used to craft it - going by your line examples, equipping amalgam steel vitality alongside normal vitality. I'd rather lean towards counting such amalgam as duplicate to both parent mods for the sake of balancing.

I'd also maybe consider - instead of restricting amalgamable mods by rarity - restrict them by type. To be precise - nightmare and corrupted mods are not amalgamable at all (for stability reasons? 😉 ), but all other rares/legendaries - why not - if someone wants to kill off his/her legendary module to create a super-expensive-to-fit one, why not? such operation would be immensely expensive and resulting mod would have a crapload of drain....


and if someone really wanted to complain how OP it would be you could also give them riven treatment - only one synthetic amalgam per weapon/frame.

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2 hours ago, Hawk_of_the_Reborn said:

It would be nice to switch warframes/weapons and loadouts in-between railjack missions without needing to dry dock every time

You know something? I think you're supposed to be able to. There's an Arsenal on your Railjack that you can freely access in both the Dojo and when entering from your Orbiter.

I think there's actually supposed to be access to it between missions when you're playing Railjack, although... as it doesn't work on their Open Worlds yet, I don't think it'll work on Railjack. Look for it later, I'm sure they're trying.

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41 minutes ago, Birdframe_Prime said:

You know something? I think you're supposed to be able to. There's an Arsenal on your Railjack that you can freely access in both the Dojo and when entering from your Orbiter.

I think there's actually supposed to be access to it between missions when you're playing Railjack, although... as it doesn't work on their Open Worlds yet, I don't think it'll work on Railjack. Look for it later, I'm sure they're trying.

Remember this from the Fortuna Empyrean teaser?


Where did it go?

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8 minutes ago, Hawk_of_the_Reborn said:

Where did it go?

Cleared up due to clutter.

But also may return, because one of the key things about the whole Empyrean 'Take Flight' update is that it's entirely bare bones. Huge amounts of systems are missing completely as-yet, and we're likely to see at least some of them start to trickle in this spring.

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Make separate topics so people can upvote only one, will ya?

Putting more than one suggestion in a single topic makes it hard for people to follow a specific idea through the topic (diverse replies). Anyway, my thoughts:

1st idea:

Only 2 Warframes. Not 3. No numerical limitations.
The switch would be a Lander ability. (consumable with 10min cooldown. Also, you have to give up other Lander abilities). Delivered with a crash, along with a fly-by sound. ... We could use a new lander.
Optional (with SPOILERS):


The other frame comes with a full loadout and both Warframes stay on the battlefield. You can use Transferrence between them, but only the last one you used it from is invulnerable. If the frame you're currently not in gets downed, you'd have to revive it or forget about switching back to it. But even if you leave it to "die", this is still useful for switching when you want to "amp up" an endless.
If you choose Umbra to be your 2nd frame, it acts as a Specter.

Again, this is optional.


2nd idea:
Mods ammalgamated by us should have severe penalties in their effects. I'm talking about 50% penalty. Lore-wise, Alad V should still be the master in this. Game-wise, mods act like multipliers. Having more than 100% in one mod is practically extra mod slots.
2 silver elemental mods (electric+toxin amalgam) should result in a riven-like corrosive mod which is as weak as a 1/5 disposition dual stat riven without a negative stat (resulting in half of each).

This way, you could still combine Blind Rage - Streamline or Fleeting Expertise - Continuity but you'd get only half effect of each and you wouldn't be able to equip the original mods alongside that. Same goes with those electric+toxin. If you have the amalgam mod equipped, you can't equip the related 90% mods anymore.

Capacity is half of each, rounded up and then added (2 of 11-drain mods ammalgamated into one would have 12 drain).

I think I have to point this out just in case: NO RNG in any of the mods.
Edit: To avoid confusion and information overload, this should be revealed to the player after Veil and at least one Arbitration has been completed. Preferrably by Cephalon Samodeus.

Edited by Uthael
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