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Shadow Clan Aspire


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Newly resurrected Shadow clan rank 9with the name Aspire is recruiting members 16+ and without a Mastery Rank requirement, Veterans and new players alike. We have most research done as well as the Railjack Dry dock ready for Empyrean.
- Looking to create a great community with room for everyone, with a 30 days inactivity cap - given there is a note it will be longer.
- The Dojo is ours not just mine, if you are creative and love decorating then feel free to do so!
- We are in an alliance with a few other clans on discord and do communicate in both game and there aswell. The details are in the clan message of the day.

- For more info please message me in game or here. Bang!

- we've got 2 open spots out of 28/30.  Best way to reach me is by sending a friend request in game or catch me online. 🙂

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