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Remote Hack Tactical Avionic/Spy Vaults in RJ


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I personally avoid the missions with more objectives than just killing and I feel like the ability to remote hack them would be an improvement.  Having a minigame attached a bonus.  Also be really cool if the objectives were actual spy vault like objectives that then like the engineer could make easier with remote hacking.

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Railjack really needs a bit more variety, as well as more connectivity to the rest of the game. It's like a separate island, disconnected from the rest of the game atm. As for the variety issue, yes, RJ missions are only "kill x fighters, kill x crewships, and occasionally infiltrate a galleon/hangar/asteroid". Adding regular missions into RJ, along with a limited number of "space kills" (less fighters), would make the mode even better. Even spy missions. 

Spy missions though have a problem. Warframe's stealth approach is very basic and outdated. Especially for old players. It need a whole revamp/rework to make the stealth aspect more relevant and way more fun.

Also, engineers having a leg up in spy missions sounds, at first glance seems like a nice idea ^^

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