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More Mutagen Samples


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So a while ago I split off from the clan I had started with (it was created with a bunch of college friends whom almost all have gone inactive due to RL reasons and kicking them from the clan just seemed wrong) - and I started a solo clan as I am prone to taking breaks from Warframe that may be several months long - and that really doesn't play well with other clans.  In any case, I'm having to fully fund the research in the dojo (the clan is up to R9 with the Railjack under construction), I'm (again) reminded of just how painful acquiring mutagen samples are.

Mutagen Samples need to have an increased drop chance in the Orokin Derelict and on Eris (Eris functionally doesn't drop samples), and also having Infested Exilus drop the samples would be helpful, along with a small (like 1% or less) drop chance from any Infested mob.

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