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Ambys, the Axolotl Frame! :]


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so this is [one of] the frames i’ve been working on!! this is Ambys, based off the axolotl! always curious and gentle-hearted; however, they will not hesitate to retaliate if they or their friends are threatened. in honor of goop, my axolotl, who was the most curious and goofy boy you ever would have met.

i'm super open to suggestions and [constructive] criticism! this is the first time i've ever tried to develop something this elaborate, so i'm sure there'll be flaws here and there. i don't really expect it to go anywhere besides just being enjoyed to think about, as it's something i just did for fun. [if it did take off, i'd probably cry]

abilities and such under the cut!


Ambys has a decent amount of base health [550 w/o Vitality].

Shields are relatively low [only around 150-250].

Armor is decent as well [300 when unlinked to an Ally].

They have little fins off of each joint [knees, elbows] and webbed fingers! On their head, there are six "gills" that will fan out in response to strenuous activity, as is his passive. These would move freely, akin to Banshee Prime's default helmet.


Ambys’ abilities are based off axolotls’ abilities to regenerate, drop, and such.

Passive: The gills on Ambys’ head will fan out after [x] seconds of sprinting or multiple jumps in quick succession. This increases respiration, as well as reload speed and health regeneration when fully fanned out. Stays fanned as long as the action is continued.


1 Drop: Ambys will detach an injured limb to prevent further damage.

  • Up to two limbs at once [tail and an arm].
  • Slower speed if limb is dropped.
  • If an arm is dropped while wielding dual weapons [ex: Akstiletto, Fang, etc.] only one will be wielded.
  • Dropping a limb grants a full heal and removes any status effects active, and provides [x] seconds of status immunity.
  • Affected by efficiency mods.

2: Regen: Ambys focuses his body to regenerate a dropped/injured limb.

  • Consumes a chunk of energy [x amount, probably close to 75-150], same for any limb. 
  • Invulnerable while active.
  • Takes a determined amount of time to cast.
  • Movement is not limited while focusing.
  • Affected by efficiency and duration [regeneration time] mods.

3: Tail Whip: Ambys lashes his tail out to stagger or even topple enemies over

  • Tail lashes in an [6-ish?] meter radius.
  • Tail will knock against legs of enemies, staggering them after one hit, and causing them to fall over if hit repeatedly
  • .Allies hit by Tail Whip are granted increased energy regen [10/s] for [x] seconds.
  • Cannot be cast if Ambys has previously removed his tail with Drop.
  • Affected by range [radius] and strength [% damage]  mods.

4 Ally Mend: Ambys uses his exceptional regenerative abilities to mend an ally of NPC.

  • Based on range to Ally or NPC [within 10-15 meters].
  • Ambys can drop one of his own limbs to fully heal the Ally or NPC. He is the only one affected by the action.
  • While in range, Ambys emits particles that accelerate healing [75 health/s, based on strength] and boost armor [x% increase].
  • Allies and NPCs are granted invulnerability for the first 10 seconds in range, then lost the immunity but will retain the health and armor boosts if still in range.
  • Affected by range [radius of healing aura], efficiency, duration [length of time spend invulnerable], and strength [health/s].


Images: [apologies for roughness]

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I don't know about having an Axolotl frame, but I wouldn't mind having something like it in it's own fish tank as a pet. Sorry to hear about your Goop as well, never easy to lose a pet. 


I say we make this thread into an Axolotl appreciation thread too. 


Image result for axolotl


Image result for axolotl gif


Imagine coming back from a mission and seeing one of these happy little things in your orbiter. 

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