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Failed Mission and lost Tenebrous Ephemera due Railjack bugs.


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My friend and I on PS4 have been grinding the Sentient ship specifically for the ephemera. Once we obtained it earlier the omni railjack recall started giving me black screens. Eventually I was killed while in the black screen and thought that if I let myself die, then respawn, it would fix the issue. It then got worse when I couldn't see my pause menu anymore. I couldn't abort, couldn't respawn, and unstuck didn't work. It was just a black screen with the UI and noise in the background Ultimately we would have failed regardless due to me being host, so we wouldn't have been able to extract anyways.I'm not going to lie when I say that I'm VERY furious. I don't know who to contact about this, and I'm pretty sure this will get ignored, but I want to have the damn ephemera put in my friend and I's inventory somehow. ESPECIALLY since it boils down to the buggy mess that DE thought to put out too early, not our faults in the mission. If you need a screenshot, google a black screen. That'll be your example.

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