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Enable Console Or Always Allow Leaving A Mission


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I would like it if we had the option of opening a console at any time so we can exit a map etc. There are numerous instances where the game hangs due to odditys which happen about 1 time per about 4 hours of play for me when griding, here is a short list of limbo's:


> Waiting for players to join, but someone lags out freezing you at that screen.

> Map has ended, but somehow you were able to join or you didn't exit

> Everyone is dead, but the mission glitches and thinks someone is alive.

> A defense mission were the gui locks so you can neither exit or leave when it shows the reward mod.

> Falling through the map clipping.


If we could always have console access, or always be able to click ESC to get the leave map option it would be helpful.

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