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Turns Out De Actually Listens...


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WE WANT SURVIVAL MODE. I want to fend for myself, and i want a different challenge, babysitting gets old fast. Just plz DE for the love of god implement survival mode. It wouldn't be so hard keep same codes and everything just change the enemies objective from attacking straight for pod to attacking the player straight. It would be hell of fun being chased around by Corpus, Grineer and Infested. NO MORE BABYSITTING >.<  you can keep the two game modes, but this game needs more types of gameplay to survive.
or even more hardcore last man standing. you start out in a small room no crates or anything no way to get to a higher platform, once you kill lets say 50 he drops a key to open the doors. Once you get outside they rush at you from every angle, ships constantly drop ammo boxes and orbs.(kinda like jackal) The catch is once a player is downed he cannot be revived by team mates or be revived by using free revives until the each 5 waves are over, if you want it harder make it no revives at all. This is the ultimate survival of the fittest. you tell me that wouldn't be fun? 
or Contagion : infested type mission. Everyone is infected through a Bio hazard breach. Everyone constantly losses hp and shields.Rejuvenation and  Physique are nulled. What you have to do is every enemy you kill gives you 2 hp and yes its equally distributed to the whole team, no matter who gets the kill. This makes it fast paced. Once your hp reaches 0 you guys fail. Also Trinity doesn't fully heal you as you keep getting drained. or maybe something to balance it out. This would be for more hardcore players, and really fast paced. more like a another branch of survival mode.







Doesn't make me feel any more special for buying a founders package.


Can we has Warframe T-Shirts and Swag instead?



I have to admit i have posted thousands of suggestions, most probably never had a chance for a Dev to see, but they do listen. A while back i suggested, they add Survival mode and Contagion mode. I didn't like the way this game was centered around Defense so i Necro'd the hell out of that thread till it got implemented. Not exactly what i had in mind, but they implemented it. My original Survival idea was you and your teammates in a room trapped fighting for your life not collecting Oxygen...but hey it's here at least. My second suggestion was Contagion, your life drained each second so you had to kill as many enemies as possible to stay alive. They later renamed Vampire mode. I LIKE CONTAGION MORE :( And lastly I was kidding, but they actually are giving us T-shirts and Shwag :D


The moral of this thread is always Necro the hell out of threads and Devs are bound to come across it, i'm looking at you Derf Anyo :D


And yes this is a self bragging thread <,<

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