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[OOC] How do I role play in warframe


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I normally do Rp in other games, but those  have less player limitations  in game Rp, but in warframe, I can not, have a mental image of how a session will play out.


I am interested into try it , but I need help to understand how to start, what can i do, or what I can not do.


My english isn't my first language, I am working on get better at it, and i think thats another barrier. 

Thanks 😄

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Your english is fine. 😃

There are likely discord servers and clans dedicated to in game role playing.
Be sure to search through the forums here to see if you can find any.

I don't roleplay in the sense that I create a story with others, but I do play a frame and weapons based off of a theme, rather than stats.

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