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Kubrows lose loyalty rapidly from railjack missions, severely reducing their effectiveness compared to all other companions.


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The title is long but accurate. Kubrows have a loyalty mechanic while kavats, MOAs, and sentinels do not, drastically reducing their effectiveness compared to all other companions.

Whenever a companion is stranded on an enemy crewship, the pet dies when the crewship dies, but is resurrected as a workaround since the pet should have theoretically left the crewship when you did. This technical solution is not a problem for all other companions, but kubrows lose loyalty any time they die or do not accompany the player for a mission within a day. A kubrows loyalty instantly drops to zero any given day the player takes one into railjack missions, reducing its effectiveness for the majority of the week.

Thus alongside being the least popular companions in the entire game by DE's statistics, they are also the worst companion type for the current most popular gameplay content in the game. Please rectify this problem by removing or reworking the loyalty system on kubrows.

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