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Better indication when selling duplicate items is NEEDED

(XBOX)Anxious Chammy

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Programming Team could we please please get some kind of item protection text or something for equipped items. (I.e. THIS ITEM WILL UNEQUIPPED IF SELECTED. Much like how mods behave when the are over the capacity of a different Warframe)

What good is trying to sell extras when the game actually sells the one you have equipped. Very annoying having to go through everything trying to put it where it was unequipped


Sincerely a concerned Tenno

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Change of title
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Mate, you need a better title. A title like "Programming team" suggests that this will be feedback about the programming team, not for the programming team.

Make it something like "We need a warning box when selling equipped items" or something like that, something that has to do with what your issue is, but in a more... TL;DR version.

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