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Empyrean: Ivara Prime 27.0.9

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Rank 10 Gunnery is still inconsistent when you aim to lock on one target 



Mantle of the lotus when?

Would be nice for a separate version for the public


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Shedu+Garuda's Claws = 😟








8 часов назад, Fanzschnabs сказал:

Seems to be the place for it, so I'll leave this here :

How About... Adding the possibility to swap her melee to claws(& vice-versa) DURING the game ?

Hear me out :

Her 1 can be tapped for a jump or held for a "bloody hadoken" (side note : she could use some TCL on that tapped jump, so it chains a little more flawlessly, kind of like Rhino's charge, with a 1x/2x/4x effect but instead of cost reduction, add more of a damage buff on chained hits, because "Oh, look, this Heavy lvl 300 elite eximus special unit is taking 10% dmg per hit, that amount to Hundreds of thousands damage points ! Surely, she would be able to instantly rip apart anything under lvl 30 with that, right ?"...)

  Показать контент


Her 2 can be tapped on enemies to turn them to an altar, or tapped on an altar to release that particular one

Her 4 can be tapped or held depending on the desired range/angle on her "make-em-bleedy-twirly-claws-fingers-attack"


Yet, her 3 can only be tapped for a Health to Energy conversion.

So, How about adding a held command on this one, which would specifically Holster the melee weapon(s), and at the price of half your max HP, just like the hp-energy conversion, would allow her to pop out the claws ? (Do it again to go back to regular melee)

Why should it hurt ? Well, it empowers the claws for melee (literally, her passive, just from that, would grant her 50% more dmg)

  Показать контент

also Does it hurt

It would require minor tweaking of her arsenal screen, to show the claws at the same time as the regular melee, just like all the exalted weapon frames out there, and it would solve the "you need melee-conditions" problems quoted numerous times in this thread.

There it is, My 2 Ducats on this matter.


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2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Intrinsic points can no longer be gained once all available Intrinsics are maxed out. If you are already above the maximum, your additional points have not been lost. 

So what about us that didn't have the time to farm 1023 excess points for Commander class? That's kind of unfair here.

2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed bug where Intrinsics could be kept on mission abort, which was never intended.

So you noticed the Ivara Intrinsics farming. How about you add an enjoyable way to farm them then? Having to spam Gian Point on Veil Proxima for a sweet amount of 6 Intrinsics is not really fun.

Update: Just fail the mission by getting your railjack destroyed, then it's somewhat what it used to be.

2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

The Pennant has been removed from Conclave. 

The Pennant got Raided. So instead of adjusting it it's just getting removed from Conclave.

2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Disabled the new boss Health bar on Razorback because it was causing an issue. Razorback will now have it’s original Health bar.

Why fix it when you can just revert it :^)

2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Added long requested Wisp Walk, Run, and Sprint movement to Melee weapons, and fixed her movement when equipped with the Shedu.

Alright, at least you tried, but didn't test it seems.


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New farm method
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