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Bad Connections, Low-end PC? Let's Get Help! [Tech Performance Brainstorm thread]



Saying this before anything else: Please don't suggest "Don't play Warframe if you have bad connections / a toaster of a machine." It's not helpful. Thank you. I also made my dip into the search and tried to find related topics, but I don't think there is a general thread dedicated for the topic.


Here we have a thread for brainstorming common game tech performance problems among players: bad game connections, weak laptops, old platforms etc. and how to deal with them. We could talk about topics like:

  • How to troubleshoot the connection to get best out of the limited Internet access
  • How to get best out of your wheezing old laptop
  • Tips for getting the game to run as smoothly as possible with the limited Internet access (both for yourself and fellow players)

Tidbits have been asked all around this forum, but how about a collective thread on these issues? Perhaps this could be easier to be found by future players with similar trouble.

From my experience as someone with game performance problems, I start a collective list here, and I take liberty to append this list according to replies to this thread. Many of these are based on common sense, but possibly those may also be helpful, at least to folks with less finesse with tech. I'm not personally a tech guru myself, so I'm happy to have more technical things into this list by people of that area.

So, are you a person with game tech performance problems, and you can't improve your Internet access or device soon? Here are some lists to check:

Outside Warframe

  • Minimize any possible bandwidth usage outside the game. You may need to drop uploading things, streaming, voice chat etc. while playing. Try out which things have big dent to your connections and avoid those.
  • Check also programs running on the background.
  • Keep your device as uncluttered as possible to free memory.
  • Use a directly plugged internet cable rather than WiFi if that is possible.

Inside Warframe

  • Main rule: Try avoid becoming the host of the squad.
    • Ask other people with better connections to invite you into squads, and ask other people to start missions, so you don't get prioritized to become the host.
    • In Settings, set your PC Type setting on Laptop to further avoid being selected as the host.
  • If your game tech performance is poor, it may affect on other players too if you are in multiplayer. Be mindful of that. Someone will always get irritated. That is life.
    • Sometimes it may help, if possible, to warn your squad about your bad connections in advance.
    • If your connections are really bad, it might be just easier to do things solo as much as possible.
  • If your platform (computer etc.) is slow, you may want to lower the graphics of the game as much as possible. The result is still pretty nice in this game.
  • If you are playing in an open world (Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis):
    • Try to head straight to the open world if possible, rather than to go first to the related cities (Cetus, Fortuna). To my experience, this is much quicker than going first to the city, picking the bounty and then heading to the open world. You can still access bounties directly in the open worlds (Konzu's Radio Consoles over the plains, Solaris Operative right next to the door of Fortuna).
    • If you are going with a friend who has better game tech performance, ask them to go to the open world first and then to invite you (directly to the open world). To my experience, this is the smoothest way to get both of you into the game.

I'm happy to get additions to these lists! This is pretty bareboned for now.

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4 часа назад, Srovy сказал:

Set graphics preset to low and resolution to 800x600 (make sure to turn on motion blur so you can’t tell the graphics are bad)

Thats wrong. 

FIRST of all people need to understand where is the problem - Internet/RAM/harddrive/GPU/CPU? And THEN work with it. Cause some options wont change ANYTHING if u lower them if u dont have problem with CPU (for example), but will work only if the problem is GPU and etc. I mean - im telling this cause some people are playing on potsto graphics with lags while they could play good graphic with same lags 🙂 They just didnt think about it

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