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New stuff, ok for multiplayer bad for premade


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With the mechanics of kuva liches and railjack to a lesser extent the game discourages running premade teams with your friends. There is nothing wrong with playing the game slow and taking your time but it shouldn't be forced because of a mechanic that applies when playing with a friend.

Kuva lich issues:

k1 - Kuva lich rage meter does not progress if playing on a starchart node not currently influenced by your lich.

Playing with strangers works fine if you bail on the group and regroup with more strangers, but playing with a friend you need to alternate or do one persons lich at a time, slowing progress unless you're lucky enough for your liches to be in the same place.

k2 - Kuva lich will not spawn if playing on a starchart node not currently influenced by your lich.

Progress slowed the same as k1

k3 - Multiple kuva lich will not spawn simultaneously

Being overwhelmed may be the reason this is prevented but instead the patched solution was to make it so other people can get rid of your kuva lich, playing with randos can result in your lich spawning and getting killed while you're chasing false thrall leads to get to it. This is an issue when running public group that also results in slower lich hunting.

k4 - Efficient runs being prevented, mostly a symptom of k1-3.

Getting a coordinated team is not really an option because of k1 and k2, peoples liches are just all over the place so it has to be a PUG, a PUG where everyone knows what to do is not common. K3 pugs just killing your lich, no thrall farm, no lich at all if you can't find it in time.


Kuva Lich Ideas for solutions:

k1 & k2 - Allow rage meter and lich spawning in your friends node. I am missing the point of going out of the way and preventing this from happening.

k3 - I would prefer utter chaos and allowing multiple liches high fiving after breaking my spine but other players may not appreciate the difficulty. Maybe allow a lich to kneel forever at some point and allowing others to spawn during this.

k4 - ""


Railjack issues:

r1 - Joining a strangers ship ques you as solo even if you're in a team.

Currently the resource cost for mk0-2 upgrades will take a chunk if not all of titanium, a resource that is used in all of the significantly superior mk3 components. Joining strangers ships (until you have materials for mk3 dojo research/ mk3 drops) is a much easier and faster method of making a capable ship that only works smoothly in solo que. To play with a friend on someone else's ship players need to time joining a node and hope you end up in the same party. Tt feels like wasting time when using either way, use bad ship or spam joining until together. This is an issue that will affect every group of new railjack participants that dont have a friend with a good ship online.

r2 - Running your own railjack everyone needs to go in the dojo resulting in leaving and rejoining to access things unavailable in dojo/railjack(minor annoyance).

Without access to our orbiters any time pets need to be swapped, weapons need to be built, or market items bought, people need to jump out and jump back in hitting extra loading screens, and breaking group.


Railjack Ideas for solutions:

r1 - Make joining another persons railjack possible in a group. + Nerf mk0-2 resource cost or make it cost different material. I regretted upgrading my ship for marginal buffs, that also put a delay on my mk3 parts (more of an issue now that rush drones cant be bought for plat as of an hour ago)

r2 - Allow access to orbiter making it dock in the dry dock or put some of the orbiter access stuff in my big empty cruise ship that is my railjack. Either would improve environment imo and wouldn't require breaking and reforming of group.

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