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Camera not fixed to Limbo in asteroid base


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Today, I played with Limbo Prime on the Railjack (client). I boarded an asteroid base (the objective where we need to steal the crewship) and I found a quite interesting bug :

When I passed in operator while in the rift, and wait for a while in operator form (probably while my Limbo was taking hits), Limbo disappeared with the end-of-rift sound effect. From there, when I re-entered my Warframe, the camera got stuck on the ground, not fixed to the Warframe. Note that this bug does not lock the controls, and turning on and off the operator mode once more fixes this.

However, I think this is not intended 😉 

Unfortunately, I didn't make any screenshots of this bug 😕 , if I get this bug again, I will take some for sure ^^


PS : Not sure if this is the right section in the forum, please tell me if it's not ^^

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