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A Real Solution To "increased Difficulty"


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I will try to make this quick. If this post is not successful then maybe, I will make a longer, more heartfelt and detailed version.


-Different enemies for higher levels (as we see more system specific maps, a certain fighting force with unique units on each map, would be very satisfactory.)


-Increasingly effective gear and tactics, not necessarily an exponential increase in base damage by the weapon, but a weapon that is more effective in combat. 



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A tactical grineer is just as easy as a stupid grineer to my soma bullets. A level 100 grineer is much harder than a level 5 grineer to my soma bullets.

That's not an argument. Yes your fully tricked out gun shreds enemies even with high health.

But that is because Grineer aren't exactly tactical, or suited to fight the Tenno.

I would LOVE to see crazy, sadistic enemy types for the really high skill ceiling...

Anything from a Grineer Psyker that can supress Tenno powers and deflect bullets, to Corpus Drone Riggers and Infested Shapeshifters...

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@Trainer722 when I mention behaviors I encompass enemies that act more like current bosses, having to be damaged in certain ways, all the while using more deadly AI and abilities. 


The ignorance of your post irritates me, when I mention different enemies for different systems I am implying they will have better stats as they currently do.

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These ideas have been around for a while, James.


Including a petition to have minibosses in game.


Phobos is a good example of how they put in new enemy types specifically for Phobos.


As for more enemy types in general, or better AI, we will have to wait and see.

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