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Squad Filter+ Technical problems in orb vallis


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I am at my limit with leaches, noobs and in general bad players. I have spent the past week doing fractures to have mastery level 4's join and throw games and or people who dont know what to do after I tell them what to do just throw anyway. No one revives and because its acessible to the cesspool of mongoloids. it is increasingly painful to do any level 50+ content. I know it sounds snarky and ignorant but Ive been sitting at 86/100 fracture points because the last 12 lobbies over the past week have taken upwards of an hour to two to just get one and half the time no one knows what to do and or how to do it. And the lobbies I joined that could do it had either connection issues or people just joining to sit by and do nothing but sit in operator in the corner. Please de add a filter option to the public setting on parties. I just want to play the game but due to the awful orb vallis lag and people just being awful it has ruined every ounce of soul I have left to play anymore. 

Another thing, Ive been getting one shot by things across the map in Orb Vallis even when no projectile is around. Ive had to give hours of work up because of me going down MANY times in my archwing and then I instantly die when I get out of it. Please just fix your game instead of releasing more hot garbage. I take a full tank build and half the time I just instantly die by things I cant even see. For reference I have a pretty good running PC. 16 GB of ram and a gtx 960 6gb, And a somewhat old but still good cpu and warframe is the only game in my past 5 years of pc gaming that burns my rig to the ground. 


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