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Nightwave elite challenges



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5 minutes ago, Captain_Rocket505 said:

1) for the nightwave challenge about completing a level 30+ EXTERMINATE mission without triggering alarms can I do that in the void?

I use Adaro, Sedna, but I guess yes. Oxomoco is 30+, at the very least.

7 minutes ago, Captain_Rocket505 said:

2) even though I don't have vox Solaris bounties unlocked, can I tag with someone to kill profit taker?

I am pretty sure you can't since a few weeks ago I tried to taxi someone and it booted them. Unless something has changed recently, but I didn't see anything on it in any patchnote.

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1. Yeah it still works in the Void. I just ran through it with Saryn personally. No alarms to trigger and fail it.

2. No, without being maxed with Solaris United and doing the Profit Taker bounties, you can't be taxied to the actual Profit Taker fight. 

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