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I've always referred to them by their theme rather than name (Troll-frame - Loki, Ninja-frame - Ash, Best-frame Rhino, Fire-Frame Ember, etc.) although the newer ones were kinda harder to summarize in a single theme.

Regardless, I was playing Dark Sector as I'd bought it on sale years ago and finally got around to it and I figured it'd be a nice throwback (given Warframe's history) and might bring back the mechanically simpler 'frames of earlier builds. So to that end, based heavily on powers acquired by Hayden Tenno through the course of the game. I'd warn about spoilers but it's from 2008 and also I'm not really revealing plot.

Passive: Glaive Master - gains percentage increases when using a glaive, probably crit chance, status chance which could apply to the sidearm you pair it with. Maybe even have a signature glaive as well as gaining status chance resistance when holding said signature weapon

1st- Elemental Burst - Activate to create an AoE explosion with very high or guaranteed status which increases radius per level. Status inflicted is based on mod applied to melee weapon equipped. Can be triggered pretty much whenever, even when non-glaive melee is on back or when glaive is in flight.

2nd - Reflector Shield - Triggers a shield that reflects projectiles where player is aiming. Duration and reflected damage increases per level

3rd - Guided Flight - Aim at enemy (2, 3, 4) after active will mark targets, and activating again will throw your glaive to strike target(s) in question. Of course this requires a glaive to be equipped so this might summon an exalted glaive that has normal glaive stats

Alt 3rd - Steal - Activate ability and then throw at an enemy. Gives chance to retrieve loot but guaranteed ammo. Also works on shield units by making them drop their shield. Might have to have an onboard glaive to summon if the player doesn't have one equipped (although at that point why) or maybe it summons a normal-stat exalted glaive rather than a true exalted glaive

4th - Exalted Glaive - If player doesn't have a glaive equipped, summons an exalted one with high stats regardless of equipped melee stats; high attack speed, travels faster and further than normal glaives. If glaive is equipped it will boost stats by percentage based on ability level

Criminey I've semantically satiated "glaive" it doesn't look like a real word anymore, and obviously there are some caveats to this but it could kinda be like Mesa.

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