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Clan Ranks / Clan Name / Clan Color (C3)


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Could you possibly start putting our clan names next to our names in the lobby view / with our clan name in game?


like -




wadlo [Quantum Engtanglement]

DietEbolaCola [butt Touchers]


Or something like that.


Also when it comes to ranks and renaming them.. Can you make it show the default/changed names show everywhere? Like in clan chat, When a fellow clan member mouseovers you in game, etc?


This would help alot with recruiting from matches because you would be able to tell right off if someone is in a clan before you try to recruit them. Their rank or role in their clan if any, etc. I know the emblem is one thing but not every clan puts their name on their emblem and not even clan has an emblem, but they surely have a name. ;) Or maybe add a secondary arm patch for going under the clan emblem where we can denote rank tiers. | = initiate , || = soldier ||| = so on..


Some of my members would also like a clan color. It'd be nice that if the clan color happened to come from a pack they don't have that I would be able to upload it from my own pack for their use like in a custom color swatch called "clan colors" maybe 1-3 colors? Maybe cost like 5-10 plat to get the pack or perhaps the clans use of it will come out of whatever upload cost I face per color/or for the whole shabang.






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As for clan colors, the founder of each clan should be given a rainbow slider swatch like in every adobe program, and the picked color should be a glow on the player (similar to when you equip an artifact) that only shows if two or more members from a clan are in a run together, and also should effect the colored outlines we see of our team members through walls and other players.

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