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Endless Survival


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nb: Unsure if this should go here or in mission bugs.


Location: Mars, Ara, infested survival.


Got to 14mins and the oxygen ran out, enemies were still low level so our team sat around the extraction point shooting down a very long corridor.

Turned into a shooting gallery infested would run into the end of the room and we would shoot them dead, if there was a break in the wave we would run out and grab ammo, mats, mods, energy. We did this for about 30 mins before we got bored.

Because the timer stops the enemies wont increase in strength, they will continue to drop loot + affinity so basically a good leveling session. Something I see as exploitive, others may not.


Suggestions: Once the timer stops remove the incentive to hang around. Disable mod, material and affinity drops by enemies. However, keep ammo and energy drops as they may be required to finish the level.




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