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Void Missions



Hello everyone!

I've just recently started playing Warframe and im loving it so far.

And after getting a couple of Tower keys i wanted to know if i could run these Void missions.

Asked a few times in the ingame chat but all i got was "if you don't know, you can't" etc.

So i guess i'll try my luck here :)

What is needed to run T1, 2, 3 void stuff?

Currently im Rank 30 with my Nova and have a rank 30 Soma (forma).

(Yes i've played alot in a short timeframe, and spent some on platinum)

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Thank you all for the quick replies, this gives me a good estimate of what i can run.

Trying to bring my friends into the game aswell, but it's its going slow, so i guess i'll try and find a group for starters to get a feel of the enemies and the levels :)

Thank you once again! Really helpful :)

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You can also try joining a clan and run with clanmates. They will guide you to all the secret rooms and give you the 'tour' 


p.s. If you have a mic, you could try joining my clan, check my profile for details /endshamelessadvert 

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