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Eidolon hunting massively much more difficult now, bugged?


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Is this a bug or what, or has the Eidolon hunting indeed gotten reworked heavily in the "secret"?

I was able to solo the first eidolon before with almost no problem, but it's not doable anymore now. My Rubico Prime does for now like 2000-4000 in damage (with no red critcs), just comparing with 15000-25000 in damage like before with almost exact same build (even without Dead Eye!). Same problem with those pesky "Voxs" which also has gotten so much stronger now. I was able to easily oneshot those Voxs before, but now they requires tremendous firepower now (like to use the whole amp energy!) to kill just one of them and they constantly spawns after the 2 first stages of the first hunt.

They (Voxs) immediately heals up the Eidolon so fast when his/hers shield got stripped down, and I have no chance to soloing it, since it takes forever to kill just one of them and they're usually in a pack of 3-5 Voxs and easily oneshots my buffed operator and the Eidolon gets healed quickly then, and they also kills my Eidolon Lures very quickly now (never seen it before this matter)....Because I for mostly plays in solo since my internet is absolutely terrible, so playing with others often ends with sadness for my part....

Is it doable for others to still having a high damage on Eidolon hunting or do others have same problems, I has checked out with other threads about this, many has same problem as me. But it was on PC and I want to know if it's a universally problem or that DE actually reworked the Eidolon hunting heavily quite recently?

I really needs more Riven Transmuter, which is baffling enough only is possible to acquire just from the Tridolon hunting (DE please add them as a purchasable item on the market or something!)...Since I have so many worthless Riven mods now....

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