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Kuva Liches, the stingy arms dealers


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Kuva lich system is unfinished, clunky and like most new systems almost completely isolated from the rest of the game. The rewards are not worth the grind and the grind isn't fun.

Here's some ideas!

Creating Kikk Gokk should feel like the player is in for a challenge.

During any kuva siphon/flood, kuva fortress, sortie, maybe even war within mission there should be a chance for the larvling to spawn. The larvling would be unarmed and fearful, eager to run away and you'd find your way to it by listening to its screams of terror. Once killed it would get downed and you could revive it resulting in no Lich created. But if you either let it bleed out or finished it, BOOM Kuva Lich. (This gives you a chance to do something moral in the midst of your genocidal rampage through the solar system.) After the mission he wouldn't immediately claim himself as your nemesis and would take some time to grow himself and his empire, maybe leaving destruction, mayhem and kuva in his wake for the player to wonder about (i.e. in for example corpus/infested extermination missions half of the targets were already killed and red ominous mist is floating around). Next you might be able to spot him dealing arms, slaves, territory in missions and approaching him would cause him to flee, really integrating the lich into the world. And maybe after a time period(im thinking 6-24hrs) he would finally challenge you, mock you and all that, revealing the extent of his territory which weapon he has, and finally showing his unqiue face, voice, personality(liches should have the animation set of the frame you created them with and they should not have your head till they've killed you at least once, maybe you could claim this head as a decorative item when vanquishing/converting the lich). 



The thralls should be the ones to grant you the kuva weapons through dropping parts and blueprints allowing the Lich to not become a short time farmable enemy with a gimmick and vanquishing/converting the lich itself would always drop their weapon and have a chance to drop Loads of Kuva, acolyte mods, arcanes, sigils, noggle statues or articulas of them or the frame you created them with and obviously evergreen rewards(forma, catalysts, reactors, boosters). Also them giving you exactly the amount of stuff you gave them seems kind of stupid unless you are telling me that my mighty immortal nemesis Agor Rok had not gathered any resources of his own merely relying on all the S#&$ that he "took" from me. Maybe a reward of everything he took from you times 2 or this could even depend on the level of the Lich.


Hunting down Bopp Bipp

Mission nodes your Lich is controlling should be dark, gloomy places(add a fog and lich themed lighting) with A LOT more thralls(maybe even only thralls, if you do do this requiring the player to mercy finish every single one of them is prolly not the way to go). Killing them would obviously grant a lot less Murmur and have a chance to drop a part for your Liches weapon, a requiem fissure, some kuva and maybe even riven slivers. And only once you've finished the objective and the thralls are devastated by your rampage should the Lich itself have a chance to spawn along with a group of elite thralls. Elite thralls should have kuva weapons and have abilities similiar to the ones your lich has (make them like the liches just not immortal, call em like Kuva Scroungers or something). Now the 3 part health bar thing is kinda dumb. The Lich should just take dmg till it "dies" and then escape as a bag of bones or cloud of kuva, really driving the disembodiment thing. Defeating these encounters should have a 100% chance to drop a Kuva weapon bp and if you die during the encounter, the encounter ends and you lose all the rewards for that mission. Now once you've defeated the Lich in an encounter like this he'd retreat to the depths of his lair. You could then chase him into his lair as a special mission node. Maybe finding his lair would require excavating for clues or killing some elite thrall capture target or visiting the Iron Wake and performing some ritual with the spooky lady or maybe researching it in the Crimson Branch this way you could integrate the liches into railjack missions as well.(I really wanna fight a lich and its thralls at night on the plains).


Vanquishing Bigg Titt

You burn down his empire, genocide his thralls, hunt him down and extinguish his will to fight, to live. Laarj Bootai is on his knees wheezing, gasping for air. You draw out an ancient Tenno blade, The Parazon. Stick it in his brain and vanquish the bastard by lullabying Lokat Temm to eternal sleep with the right requiems. And then you absorb its consciousness into your Parazon or you Vanquish them by synthesizing them. Again I'm tryna tie them to the rest of the game since DE obviously doesn't know how to or isn't willing to. Obviously this would grant some Simaris standing. Ẅ̵͓̦́͆͒h̸̡̐͑̄y̸̳̦̝̐̍ ̸̗̔͊̚d̵͎̔̈́͝ȯ̶̧͑̎e̵̛̠s̷̩̃̏n̸̺͖̒'̷̫̖͆͋̚t̸̨͝ ̸̤̬̌S̸̘͋̇a̵͇͑ñ̵̬̻͎͐͒c̴̬͖͔̕ť̵̩̕͠u̶̺͝a̷̱̖͕̒̒̏r̶̢̲̀͑̄ÿ̸͍͇́ ̶̹̇̂̌O̴͇̅̉ṅ̷͎͑̌s̶̭̯͇̈́̏l̸̪̼̳̓͒a̸̹͖̓ű̸͔͖g̸̟̐̄h̸̳̄͊ͅt̷̢͓̘̎̉̔ ̴͕̠̤́͠͠g̴̖͉̎͌̚r̶̟̖͋̆ȧ̸͚͖͝ǹ̷͕͓͜t̶̘͈̀ ̸͖̀S̸̯͖͛̾̍i̶̛̯͘̚m̵̟̞̿͝a̴̭̱̩͋̓ŕ̴̙í̵̪̻̈́s̸̼͔̀ ̸̨̛͖́̈s̸̢̠̩̓͑̈́ẗ̷̡͍́̓a̶̧̙̻͂̋n̴̤̈́̂̇d̶̼̯́i̷̖͇̍͒͝n̵̥̜͗g̶̖̰̣̓?̷̢̞̕!̵͔̲̭́̓͑.


Converting Theei Kamtutisples

You either let the sad grineer experiment live and Ventei Noutheiarnatpuor then chooses to become your trusty sidekick ally or you brainwash Tenn Ousethekiis to fight at your side. And when Batthei Armiertehrespasors actually does spawn in your mission to help you, he should be a lot more useful than the bullet sponge he is currently. I also wish my Lich buddy would actually use his abilities and move independently more than just around his own center of gravity which would make them feel like more of an ally and less like a weird noisy aggro stick.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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I would like to see more simulated character development in the Lich System, especially since the have names, unlike most stage enemies in the Warframe universe. Thematically, lettting players decide to be "moral" doesn't really sound convincing unless [DE] starts introducing true non-combatants into missions. Since the Lich Larva are unequipped compared to most Grineer, they could do this...but it would still be clunky unless there is more than people trying to hide from the onslaught that you leave in your wake.

I don't think that the barrier to farming Kuva Weapons is that high, especially how with how powerful they are. Personally, I keep making Lichs to have a strong testing ground for my builds, to level fast, and to collect Riven shards. The harem of lichs I am accumulating and weapons I pick up are just bonus.

-----Shameless Idea Hijack--------

One of my friends recommended that they remove that they spawn as a random ally or companion, and that they instead act as a vehicle for PvP. On defeat, the player removes their lich their like to the Queens, takes their weapon. And then can choose to spend Kuva to convert them, or let them die. After that, the player would have a lich command menu, where they could command them to build a resource collecting resources like extractors, or use the tenno's kuva link to see through the lich's eyes to play something like Stalker mode.

You as the player would have what amounts to a warframe with customizable powers, scaled weapons, and maybe modular cybernetics options, but no companion or gear wheel. During play, the lich would have access to normal mission nodes, but would only spawn during lich hunting mission. During those, you would run around with the sole goal of looting and defeating tenno to yield kuva. It would be a higher risk/reward way to farm kuva than kuva survival.

Since the kuva lich is supposed to have agency, it attack tenno, and the tenno learning about through there kuva like removes the whole, "tenno civil war" conundrum. My friend also wanted the repair/regeneration/resurrection cost for the lich if it is defeated, give players some repercussions to getting defeated.

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On 2020-01-10 at 3:02 PM, Lukarith said:

I don't think that the barrier to farming Kuva Weapons is that high, especially how with how powerful they are. Personally, I keep making Lichs to have a strong testing ground for my builds, to level fast, and to collect Riven shards. The harem of lichs I am accumulating and weapons I pick up are just bonus.

My point was to stop the farmability of the liches for weapons. The weapon drop chances in the system I suggested could be adjusted in ways that would make the speed of the weapon farm similiar to the current one.

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