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Kuva lich bugged

(XBOX)Keep Walkin

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My vanquished kuva lich wont die. Ive vanquished him 2 time already but it wont give me credit for it. I get the option to kill him. I select it and get the full animation but at extraction my items are still stolen and the lich is still alive. I havent recieved my kuva weapon or the stolen item rewards. I really dont wont to keep having to do this, i dont want to waste another 45 mins for it to show up and then it glitch out again. please help me

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There a variety of items you can do to try to fix this. I myself have tried all of these and have failed but they have worked for many others, it wouldn't hurt to try these. If these don't work, contact support, although I don't think they can help with this as it would be a bug that DE staff would need to patch.


1. Clear save cache. Find your save data under "Manage Game" option and go from there. Make sure to erase from everywhere you play on Xbox. This is how most people can fix this. (This does not erase your data from DE servers; next time you play Warframe your console will download the save data from DE servers.)

2. Reset your Parazon colors. It's a rare bug that will not register the kill if you colored your Parazon. Leave it on default colors until your lich dies.

3. Redownload the game, although I haven't see it work yet. Has worked for PC players before, I havenb't heard of this working on console.

4. Wait for DE to release patch if none of these options help.

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