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Razorback damage immunity and console unhackable workarounds


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Razorback immune to Bursa attacks:

The Razorback from the current event will sometimes bug out when using invisibility frames. The Razorback will appear motionless and the Bursa's attacks won't knock it down so you can damage it yourself (it also will do this dainty pose where it lifts up 1 or 2 limbs if you shoot it for 0 damage).

To bring it back into the corporeal realm, rapidly fire at it while the Bursa is shooting. You will do 0 damage, but it appears that briefly registering a hit at all allows the Bursa attack to knock it down. THEN you can damage it like normal. I used the dread while invis as Ivara, so it doesn't have to be a rapid/constant fire weapon and you don't have to leave Prowl.

So, if the Razorback appears glitched (standing still, lifts leg if hit, first few bursa shots do nothing), just lay into it.

Unhackable consoles/terminals to disable the bursa fence:

There is a gap/hall between the laser grid cells and the adjacent ones with Corpus soldiers. Jump into the balcony with the soldier and run around the pillar to the bursa. The laser fences prevent getting too close to the edge, so if a bursa is stuck on the lasers, kill it, wait for a new one to spawn, and disable and hack it before it gets too close to the fence.

Bonus tip:

The enemies in the level only drop good loot for ~4-6 kills each. After killing the Hyenas 4-5 times each (there's an LN2 and NG), the drop rates plummet and most enemies will only drop ammo. The Bursas that show up if you set off the alarms in mission (which are the same spawns as the ones in the arena) are worse, and have good drops 1-2 times. Every once in a while (~1 in 50 hyenas killed) a common mod will drop, but you could literally farm enough ALUs for 3 more runs and run a clean mission before getting one during the "Okay, you killed everything, bigshot" nerf state. Even intentionally setting off the alarm will not introduce "new" spawns. This goes for before killing the Razorback and after, so kill him first (in case there's a mega glitch) and then kill the regular spawns. Let a camera live and if you think there are more drops, do a little dance for it and guys will respawn.

I tried farming drops with every combo of pre/post-boss fight and alarms/undetected, each attempt 15+ minutes and as solo Ivara (almost perma-invis build, hid and dropped energy beacons when low).


Edit: Ran 3 more solos. Had a case of the Bursa not damaging Razorback using my technique, but it was stuck directly underneath the Razorback, which was attacking it and doing no damage. I had no trouble with the subsequent ones when I made sure to disable and hack them further from the bossman. Maybe worth noting that I was detected when jumping to hack the first console. Prowl never broke until I was hit with a nully bubble, but re-Prowling worked as it should and nothing attacked me for the rest of the encounter.

Also had an invisible box block a doorway for 1 run that forced an abort. Enemies could hit me behind it, they could jump on top, and I could jump on top, too. It was centered along the doorway.

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