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Spent nearly an hour fighting Lephantis and this happened


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Just as I said, join a public sortie today as I usually do for my daily run of it. See Lephantis bow only and I'm a bit hesitant but I figure whatever I'll get it done and it might drop something nice. So I get in and I'm a host, not the best host to chose game I lag a bit but whatever. All four of use go through one head from the first stage, then someone leaves because they got bored or something. We get to the second stage and then someone else leaves because they got frustrated or something, mind you this is nearly 30 minutes in. So now it's just me and this guy fighting the second stage and it's not as hard as the first but it still takes us a while even with my build specifically meant for doing this. We get done and what does the game decide to do? The doors are locked, after about 50 minutes of the same whack a mole boss, we can't leave, and we can't get our rewards.
Tried unstuck, tried glitching out somehow, tried every way I can think.
I am livid.

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