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[Empyrean-27.0.9] Personal feedbacks {Elite Cutter's weaponry, Ramsled boarders, etc)


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1) All these cool hotfixes and bugfixes to warframe recent update to Empyrean but I'm gonna be honest, THIS is literally all that I want in RJ right now, dead serious. I miss the Cutter rapid DAKKA DAKKA instead of the pew pew homing pebbles 😕


It just feels a lot better fighting against them that's all I'm saying. It just feels...more intense,


2) Regarding Grineer Ramsled boarders, I keep seeing them shooting around and sawing around your ship interior when they're in. I'm unsure if it's bugged or what not but it'd be cool if they actually damage your interior with their weapons, they do plant a time-bomb but I just think their bahaviours should be accounted for.


3) Make Catastrophic Failure instead of 60s, make it a lot less, like 15s? I just feel like 60s is a bit too forgiving, if anything it gives players a 60s of invulnerability, it's a bit silly in my opinion. The whole "Catastrophic Failure" should force players to instantly get on their bum and fix the huge hole on their ship immediately, not wait around for 40-50s of free invulnerability. That's my opinion. 


I honestly don't have many problems with how Railjack is right now or was before this hotfix, these feedbacks are mostly toward the....vibes of Railjack, it's mostly personal but I think these are fair. Ramsled boarders being able to damage your ship from the inside only makes sense, and the whole "Catastrophic Failure" shouldn't be a good thing for you, and the reason why I wanted the Elite Cutters to change their guns back to the DAKKA DAKKA autoguns is well, like I said, it really just feels more intense and more...iconic in my opinion.

Also, perhaps, remove the spawn level cap of Non-Elite Cutters and make them spawn in lvl 35+ missions. 


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