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'Better centered the Railjack Pilot HUD diamond' ?


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i noticed that when i got home today and began playing railjack after the hotfix, something seemed different.

i couldnt pinpoint it.

then i noticed in region someone complaining about how their railjack seemed to have lost some mobility. then i played again and i felt the same way.

something felt different.

well it seems the mobile aiming cursor which also aims the direction of the ship feels different. it has more drag on it and feels less loose and free. and it seems to have a more limited range on it due to that. like, if i wanna aim way off left or right i really gotta drag my mouse a mile and a half for it to get there. and with turning, the rotation seems slower. 

i suspect that its from the change / fix ''Better centered the Railjack Pilot HUD diamond'' which can be read as : 'made it so the mouse fights back when you try to drag your cursor around while piloting a railjack' 


if thats the case, please revert the change.

in fact, a better option would be to change aiming while piloting from its current state of '' zooms in really far and limits your field of view '' to 'disengages the aiming cursor from controlling the ship rotation' and of course reverting the change that made the it feel like im draging an anchor through cement. 



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6 hours ago, zioxei said:

I hate this change but I can't really explain what's going on either. I feel like the mouse sensitivity has gone down but when I crank it up then it's too hard to aim.


59 minutes ago, Ham_Grenabe said:

The HUD diamond was a graphical tweak I believe - fixing the position of the faint yellow/gold diamonds in the pilot's view. Unrelated to the problems with sensitivity / acceleration. 


I think it might be a bug.  Noticed in a few games after posting this it would start out fine then gets super draggy

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