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[Life Hack][The War Within Spoilers] Hildryn Great for Leveling Certain Weapons


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I'm sure plenty of Tenno have figured this one out already, but I want to try and get it out there for more Tennos to see. Hildryn makes leveling Amps not only insanely easy, but also helpful to the rest of your squad in Dark Sector Defense missions. My current build on Hildryn gives me 3555 Shields which come back in less than four seconds from empty, as well as 145% Duration and 175% Efficiency for abilities, which I'm certain rarer mods than mine can surpass.

The simple trick is to stand in front of the cryopod, activate Aegis Storm, and then activate Transference. Your Operator exits Hildryn, but her ability remains active which causes enemies to be trapped in the air where they entered the radius. A squad of 3 other players consistently clean out the trap, with you supporting them in Operator form by picking them up if they get downed or picking off the occasional enemy with your Amp. When Hildryn starts getting low on shields, return to her and get your shields back in seconds then reactivate the trap. Depending on the courage and strength of your squad-mates, as well as your own ability to avoid damage when regaining shields, you could use this to push through enough waves to level an Amp from 0 to 30 in a single run of Akkad.

For the Tenno who are looking to level up their Amps this way, be warned that it's not an easy task to get Hildryn without platinum. You need to reach Rank 2 with Vox Solaris to get her blueprint, which requires reaching Rank 5 with Solaris United and doing some of the Profit-Taker bounties. After that, you need to get Diluted Thermia in order to fight the Exploiter bounty in order to get her part blueprints. These are not tasks to be taken on at lower levels, but the reward is certainly worth the effort as Hildryn is an incredibly powerful frame.

I hope I will have helped at least a few Tenno with this! Have a good day and keep on grinding!

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