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Space Stations


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In light of the recent announcement made by Grineeer -

Work has started on the trade system! I think we have a good solution for this. It will start off small and expand as we measure how the community reacts to it. Clans will be required to create a trading post in their dojo in order to trade. Trades will be like for like, meaning rare items for rare items. Currently trading is locked to Mods, plus weapon and Warframe parts. Blueprints and crafting materials are being considered for addition to the system but may not be in version 1. We are also considering putting a daily limit on the number of trades that can be completed. More details coming as this gets implemented and tested. I think the current plan is to roll this out in Update 11 (this may change!)

- myself, Punk3108, and theseventhday got into a conversation regarding the topic of player to player trade.


Initially the discussion was focused on how nice a trade system would be, and the benefits it would have, however not everyone is part of a clan. We talked for a bit and came up with the idea for space stations, in which players would be able to do a variety of things, but primarily trade.


The idea would be to create a passive faction, seperate from the Grineer and Corpus, something like junkers, they would have space stations set up for the sole purpose of trade. These stations could be linked to a players conclave, allowing access to more refined stations with better facilities(1) and goods(2). The station design would have a similar design to a Clan Dojo, but with a different look, layout, and size depending on the conclave level the station is. This would allow the use of the tile system currently used in level design, as well as later additions to stations via closed door-ways.


(1): Meaning the general condition of the station, as well as space to move around in, each station would have a small entry fee based on the conclave level. To avoid over crowding each station would have a maximum number of players, when selecting a station to join, there would be a list showing the "worlds", each "world" would be that station, but with X number of players in it, similar to how 30 people can run the same mission seperate from eachother, if all stations are full then a player would simply have to wait for a slot to open. An anti-idle system would likely have to be made to automatically remove players who have been standing still in the station for to long.


(2) NPC traders could sell resources for the region, a player could also sell unwanted resources to the merchants for some extra credits, the amount bought per unit would be low as would the credits payed for selling resources. A limit on the amount one could sell credit-wise would be set to a daily limit.


Player to Player trade would also use a sort of booth in which to negotiate the trade, but players would be charged a small fee in order to use the booth. Now while "like for like" sounds nice, it may be benefitial to put values on mods, such as -


1 rare is worth 10 uncommon or 20 common mods

1 uncommon is worth 10 common

1 common is worth 1 common


-such values would allow for trade of any level of mod for another mod/mods. We did not really think through blueprints and parts for warframes, but perhaps these could be traded fusion cores, while there is already a form of in game currency. Fusion cores are valuable in the upgrading of mods for better bonuses, the different levels/commonness of the cores would act as their value which a player would need to complete the trade. Common cores could be valued by single digits depending on their level (1-3), uncommon for twice their level (1-5) and rares for 3 times their level (1-5).


Clans were not left out of the think-tank that was our chat, clans would be able to purchase (or win via competition) billboards on which their name and logo could be displayed (or a custom billboard design by the clan founder) for a period of time, which would be useful in recruiting new members or just getting their name out there. It was also thought that a dueling arena could be added, for clans to use as well as the non-clan players. Other facilities could be things like obstacle courses and rooms in which players could practice or compete with eachother for some form of reward or just bragging rights.



Feel free to post your opinion/thoughts on the idea as to whether it could work or fail miserably.

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How would this be implemented? Would DE have to add server for these "Space Stations" for players to converse the trade.

Unfortunately I am not very familiar with DE and their assets despite having played the game for nearly a year, so I would not know if it would require another server, I would hope not. As for how they would implement it, they would have to make either altered dojo tiles, or completely new tiles to construct the area in which players would be, stations could simply be placed by planets off the grid as the Conclave locations were.

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