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Update lephantis suggestion.


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Unfortunately the whole fight seems alittle outdated.

Ahead I'll be making points and suggestions why.. In which I have constructed.
This isnt just blurting out rubbish because I've had a "bad time" with it. Because i did have a bad time with it. >>> (stay on point!)

It's meant to be an organic creature even with the thickest for skin anything would still do some damage.
Less than 1%
Or even just the number itself, 1
Anything is better than 0
Spite me then change it later, that'll be fine.
A % would be better as in theory without one you could just use the fastest firing weapon and bobs your uncle 250 billion bullets down the road would (just about) be enough if a hard number was used. Yes, a % would be quicker, tho slower firing weaponry would balance up better against the blat blat faster stuff.

Having some damage even the lowest you could; would keep some players firing. Waiting like a plum is so unreal and game like.
This is a fight with a ginormous flesh thing, this isn't a game!!!

Currently it's... sit there and wait to be able to do very little damage within a small window which you might miss then wait some more.

At least give us false hope that we're doing something.
0 is just 0 now shut up and wait
When has a [true] gamer gone.. Yeah I like waiting for something.. Damn I love staying here not being able to do nothing because I have too.
If said otherwise it's just them being polite because they 'like' you.
Your telling me i have to put true in that sentence?

Speed up the fight. I'm not saying so you can clear it quicker. Add more life if you like. Just keep us moving.

One of the heads exposed out at all times.
Currently I'm assuming it's random generated bounds..
Close them up (or open them) so at least one head is visible at all times.

Not sure if this has ever been addressed before. But I'm sure folk are slightly knarked about the whole fight and if they say they arnt their brass kissing for luckys.

I obviously have way more in-depth suggestions for this fight. I'm just trying to keep them simple and achievable.

Let the hate comense. (come at meh bra!) :>and off her chest... Drum roll??? F**k off then.



☝️🤡 But it IS just a game.

>Damn! Punched at the first post. You got me there! It is just a game after all. Let's all go home.
Wow!.. And I safely assumed sarcasm couldnt be constructed into text form.
That's where I prove myself wrong.

☝️👺 I think you're blurting out rubbish because you had a bad time.

>Does this make you a master-baiter?

☝️🤓 Actually!, lephantis is a form of lem sip which is a branded lemon type sip used to cure sore throats and head aches here in the UK and I have no idea if internationally known and blurerereedrereddger.

>Good! Thanks for that!

Closing Statement.
(complete useless rubbish I'd thought I'd just leave in anyway for comedic value) :


Why do you think I'm suggesting things for this game?
Maybe it's control?
I want to be in control, all power me.

Don't you think I want the game better? It's not like I'm being paid is it!

Nah, I'll just stick with my control thanks.. Yippy, control.
I'm doing control because I'm controlling things right now. Yay.

Sweet control.
I love control so much.
I need all the control
Can I have control please?
This isn't just some control its complete ultimate control, thanks. And because I love nothing more than all the control for ever and ever more. I'll take that control, thank you.

To summerise as for awful amounts of 'baggage' in this post due to other people on the planet... (give me control, thanks 😉 lol)
There are 2 suggestions in this entire post.
Can you spot them?
Have you ever played where's wally? (I know what's coming, cheers) > me on your face!
It 'slipped' (up) out. Honest..

Bye, good luck. 👋

"And you wonder why I don't write on these forum things."

Relax folks we're all jokers at heart ❤️

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