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Cetus, Valis and the Dojo could really use an Exit Game menu option


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Warframe keeps setting itself up that people will inevitably find themselves finishing their play session at a hub where they have no way of elegantly quitting the game.

The only existing options are to 

  1. Leave the hub and return back to your orbiter just so you have the option of selecting "Exit game" from the games menu
  2. Alt + F4ing the hecc out of Warframe\

The first forcing the players to sit through a loading screen just to properly exit the game and the second is something that should really be reserved for a last ditch "game has stopped responding but I don't want to go full blown task manager" not a go-to for the lack of menu options. 

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1 hour ago, (XB1)ShadowBlood89 said:

that loading screen from open world to hub town is saving what you earned in mission

Yeah and what I'm saying is when you're in the hub/dojo and done with your session there is no method of cleanly exiting your game.

Without sitting through an additional loading screen that does nothing because all your data from POE/Valis/Railjack has already been saved by proxy of loading back to the hub. There is no reason to require the additional step of loading back to your orbiter just so you can then exit the game. 

Since DE keeps adding mission types that dump you out into a hub. That they have become a very realistic place from which people will choose to end their Warframe play session(s) and as such should have an option to cleanly and elegantly exit the game.

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3 hours ago, Steel_Rook said:

Can we also have a way for teams to leave Cetus, Fortuna, Dojos and Relays without breaking up and having to reinvite? That would be VERY helpful.

also a way to travel between them without going back to ship would be great.


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