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Adding more lavan or vidar salvage drop locations


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Elite outriders drop any zetki salvage, 100%, 1 of 8. Crew ships drop any lavan or vidar armaments, 10%, 1 of 10. Elite crew ships, if they appear, instead drop vidar or zetki armaments, 10%, 1 of 10. The only source for lavan or vidar components is end of mission awards. This is all from the official drop tables information.

Regular outriders currently drop no salvage, so this is some highly reasonable real estate if you want to increase access to lavan or vidar salvage. Elite outriders are also notable for dropping no avionics. I thought you would be considering these options already, but the .9 hotfix leaves me questioning. So between elite and non-elite outriders and crew ships and between 10% and 100% drop chances, I'm sure you can shuffle up a desired level of availability for all types of wreckage of each house. As a cherry on top, you could add avionics to the elite outriders without diluting existing drop tables. I hope this is a redundant suggestion. I really do.

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