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[PC] Lephantis problems in sortie


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Dear DE!

We had 2 problems in the lephantis assassination sortie mission. In the second phase of the fight one of our tenno got stranded on the first level and couldn't jump down to us where the second phase takes place. It wasnt a problem since me and the other guy can finish the mission without him but then the last head just didnt want to open up. The spitter (which spawns infested enemies) just said "NOPE" after a 22 min bow fight and we ran out of time because of that. It was attacking but when we killed the other heads it just closed his weakspot and never opened it again. Sooo you know maybe could you look into that, please?


Best regards,


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Yeah Lephantis is totally bugged for clients STILL. Everything we reported years ago is still there,  haven't played him in years but this sortie came up. Going as client you still often deal 000 damage to open heads because its out of sync (he ever dies quicker for a host yet still shown as being alive for clients) ... then go solo - as a host with exact same build: none of the problems and you kill him quickly

And yeah heads not opening is an old bug too

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