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Temere, a randomized pistol


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I'll start by saying this is not to be taken too seriously. This was just something I've been thinking would be fun to have in the game and that's all.

The idea behind Temere (latin for random... I know very original) is a pistol that has a number of effects that are random but can be controlled to an extent. I originally thought up this idea when some clan mates were complaining about the lack of items in the arbitration store months ago. I'm not sure if it is still necessary as that's mostly been fixed over the past few months but regardless here we go.


Temere (cost 100 vitus)

Every time the weapon is reloaded the weapons ammo will randomly change effects (the same effect cannot be generated twice in a row)

Reload time ~0.5-0.8 seconds

List of possible effects with magazine size:

  • Short lived vortex (40 meter range) - 1
  • Needles that sleep enemies (100 seconds) - 5
  • Short range blind (20 seconds) - 1
  • Shots that damage all enemies within a radius of the target except the target being shot at (must contact an enemy to detonate, doing moderate damage comparable to something between Synoid Gammacor and Atomos) - 100
  • Sludge that slows enemies that it contacts by (95% slow) - 50
  • etc (suggest some 🙂 )


The idea is very strong effects but completely random. To be clear the effects will be greatly reduced when contacting VIP targets such as assassination targets and it becomes more balanced the more random effects there are so please recommend some stuff and thanks for reading !

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