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Game deleted wrong railjack component

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So there I was at the console scrapping components blueprints from armaments to have the needed space for new ones because of the 30 slots limitation DE has (because of the rivenlike rng stats they have).


I selected an pulsar mk III zetki of the many I had to scrap it and was fine. The game after automatically selected my built and installed at frond cannons Vidar Cryophon MKIII I had with 55.7 damage yet it showed in the scrapping info frame the next pulsar mk III zetki I was about to scrap. I pressed scrap and it deleted my Cryophon. I have video capture from my PS4 but I don't have an YouTube or other video service to upload it, any suggestions?


For a moment I was really pissed and confused. Then I checked the video and I understood what happened. I put an second Vidar with 55.2 damage to build but I am really annoyed with

a) blueprints drop rates

b) rivenlike rng stats for components

c) invisible blueprints capacity (because of b)

d) scrapping components blueprints one by one instead of multiple selected

e) finally scrapping the wrong built weapon while the info windows was showing the wrong information. Yeap because of all those bugs the game has.

f) the game is lagging and the menus have become extremely slaggish.

So everyone beware when you scrapping components blueprints.


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