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Empyrean: Ivara Prime 27.0.10


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Empyrean: Ivara Prime 27.0.10

We bring you another Hotfix before the weekend arrives. The first Hotfix of 2020, 27.0.9, brought a slew of Railjack tailored Additions, Changes, and Fixes (among general ones as well), of which we have been reading your initial feedback. Railjack Resource balancing continues to be a hot topic of discussion in regards to the overall Railjack experience. More to come! 

Railjack Additions, Changes, and Fixes:

  • Players will now have ~3 seconds of invulnerability when exiting the Railjack or a Point of Interest! 
    • This window allows for a moment to escape from the incoming damage aimed close to your location so you don’t fall victim to a one-shot death.
  • Increased the refund from Scrapping repaired Wreckage to 80% from 50%.
    • A welcomed increase from feedback that still maintains the risk vs reward of repairing Wreckage, hence why is it not a 100% return.
  • Repairing a minor Railjack Breach/Fire/Electrical when a Catastrophic Failure breach is active will no longer give Health back to the Railjack.
    • This addresses numerous cases of Railjack invulnerability abuse by manipulating the Catastrophic Failure breach timer. We’re looking at other ways to allow Health on minor Breach repairs/fires/electrical during a Catastrophic Failure without opening the door to this misuse. 
  • Wreckage capacity now appears in the equip screen for Components and Armaments, allowing you to see how many you currently own while Scrapping.
  • Distance values on Railjack enemies will now be displayed once their name is visible.
  • Upgraded art quality for certain Grineer Installations in Railjack missions.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to the Railjack HUD.
  • Fixed inability to destroy enemy Crewships that have been hijacked.
  • Fixed the wide door in the Pulse Turbine not opening for Clients.
  • Fixed being placed outside of the Railjack level when loading into a Railjack mission from your Orbiter as the Operator.
  • Fixed control settings such as mouse sensitivity being set to non-Railjack settings when a Crewship is destroyed. 
    • This was most noticeable when Piloting the Railjack during the Crewship explosion, as sensitivity would abruptly change until the Pilot seat was dismounted.
  • Fixed cases of Armament Wreckage unique stats not showing. This was due to the physical Armament not being equipped on the side of the Railjack, which then considered it not equipped.
  • Fixed Carcinnox Armaments displaying incorrect Falloff ranges in the Dry Dock stats.
  • Fixed the Munition Ammo count UI in the Railjack displaying 1 more capacity than you actually have (ie 30/31).
  • Fixed Railjack Forge not applying yield multipliers (Engineer Intrinsic bonus) to displayed craft amounts.
  • Fixes towards Ram Sleds occurring during a transition to the Dojo after completing a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed hazard markers (Fire, Electricity, Fast Travel) inside the Railjack appearing in the wrong locations when viewed in the Tactical Menu while on the Pilot seat or side Turrets.
  • Fixed missing Railjack enemy UI after exiting/returning/exiting the Railjack.
  • Fixed incorrect minimap overlay when failing a Railjack mission and returning to the Dojo.
  • Fixed Railjack enemies displaying a Rank of 00.
  • Fixed a crash while transitioning levels in the Railjack.
  • Fixed a script error that can occur when exiting the Archwing Slingshot after opening the pause menu, which caused a persistent black screen.
    • Some camera issues still persist that we’re investigating.
  • Fixed some Mods displaying under the Items section on the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed Reliquary Drive appearing to have the ‘vacant’ text even after completing the Key quest. 
  • Fixed unlocalized Railjack recall text.

General Changes:

  • The Shedu Blueprint has been added to Cephalon Simaris’ Lost & Found Offerings (only after acquisition Quest completion). 
  • Increased range that the Mine Osprey drops mines from. This combined with their behaviour bringing them close to the player meant the Ospreys would only usually get about one mine dropped before hovering harmlessly near the player.
  • Removed decimals in the Arsenal stats if damage Falloff range is 1000 or greater to fix numbers overlapping and appearing messy.


  • Fixed Jackal and Razorback not correctly turning to face players sometimes when you get behind them.
  • Fixed Korrudo having inherited the Hirudo’s Health on Critical Hits mechanic.
  • Fixed the Redeemer weapon series appearing to deal 10x Damage than it actually was.
  • This affected Arsenal stats only, in missions it did the correct damage.
  • More fixes towards Wisp movement animations issues when equipped with the Atmos and Nunchaku.
  • Fixed incorrect Energy color for the Vengeful Shockwave Ephemera.
  • Fixed Ivara Prime’s Quiver ability not using her Artemis Bow Prime mesh. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1160446-ivara-primes-1-doesnt-use-the-right-artemis-bow-texture/
  • Fixed the Paris Prime arrow using incorrect textures.
  • Fixed incorrect Energy color on the Hema muzzle flash light.
  • Fixed overly metallic reflections on the Kopesh Longsword Skin.
  • Fixed incorrect lightning textures on Volts. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1160559-bad-lightning-still-not-fixed/
  • Fixed missing Channeling particle FX on the Targis Prime Armor (appears with x2 Combo Counter).
  • Fixed seeing a distorted flat circle on the Staticor explosion (and radiation areas).
  • Fixed incorrect Kubrow eye glow color when using the Metus Fur Pattern.
  • Fixed Eidolon Lures disappearing at certain camera angles.
  • Fixed MOA and Kavat Companion Emblems being equipped on the wrong side.
  • Fixed broken warp sounds in the Sentient tileset.
  • Fixed a script error related to Tusk Mortar Bombards crouching.
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When can players expect the pacing of updates to be polished before an update releases? Since Empyrean has launched, just about everything related to the update has reduced the gameplay required for progression to some degree aside from Intrinsics, just like every major update in 2019. Nightwave, Buried Debts/Exploiter Orb, Plains of Eidolon Remaster, The Jovian Concord, Saint of Altra, The Old Blood, and now Empyrean have either launched with pacing issues left for days/weeks/months/years without the intended pacing finalized, or they have undermined previous time investments to previous updates.

The Sentient Anomaly objective is still poorly implemented, and the nature of it promotes players to farm it for rare containers and Shedu much like Acolytes on launch 4 years ago. The Fortuna cycle is leagues more forgiving than Plains of Eidolon cycles/Earth cycles for plants, so why is this so horrid compared to Earth, Plains of Eidolon, and Fortuna? Why are problems repeated from years prior? Acolytes have unidentified drops because people farmed for Maiming Strike with abort spam, so why is the Anomaly not considered to potentially suffer the same problem? Fortuna has a forgiving farming cycle for fish as well as availability for Orbs (unlike Eidolon cycles and fishing in the Plains of Eidolon). These issues were resolved, but now we are back at square one with the same exact problems highlighted with the same bad game design being implemented.

Will the Vidar Reactor remain in its current form, or will this drop chance/randomized stats be tampered at all? Farming something that is inevitably easier isn't the best feeling when it comes to new content. Randomized stats were frowned upon when Riven Mods launched with the War Within in 2016 as well as Kuva Lich weapons last year with The Old Blood. Isn't there enough feedback on Riven Mods, a still unfinished system or Lich RNG?

Riven Dispositions are still a mess in the UI due to separate Dispositions for variants. What you link in Trade Chat may not be what you actually get on a weapon variant, and this is quite annoying for those who may not check Semlar.com for every purchase. It would be nice if this was handled, especially when Melee is about to get into the same problem. Dispositions should also be in the weapon UI with the numerical value, not dots and without requiring a Riven installed. Dots are misleading as not every 3 dot weapon is 1.00 Disposition for example.

Lastly, Maiming Strike percentages are still quite bad, especially on Rivens:


Still hoping for critical chance on slide attack to receive a similar treatment to crit chance so it makes sense comparatively.

Sacrificial Steel = 220%
CC on rivens = 180%
Maiming Strike = 150%
Slide CC on rivens = 90%

The first 2 applies on all attacks and gets 2x on heavy attacks.

The latter 2 forces you to slide exclusively.

This makes no sense.

Maiming Strike doesn't have to be the best mod by any means like the previous melee system. However, it is currently completely worthless and this should earn a removal like Stamina Mods at this point. There is absolutely no reason to touch Maiming Strike or Riven Mods with CC on Slide Attack stats currently as straight base Critical Chance with x2 Critical Chance on Heavy Attack is strictly better in every case.

As always, thank you for the hotfix.

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Still nothing about horrendous rng stats for extremely rare Components e.g. me getting 40-50 avi cap for all for 4 vidar reactors (remember vidar is suppose to be designed for more avi cap but sacrifices flux cap) but currently it is acting as a mk2 zetki. (Why are you ignoring everyone's feedback regarding this point everyone wants this fixed, at one place you say you value our feedback and in next moment you are like whatever)

Nothing about yesterdays "nerf", (DE, you guys do know that enemies taking even longer to kill now since yesterday's armor "nerf" is not actually a nerf right, it's more like a buff to the enemies)

Nothing about vaccum

Nothing about actually fixing the avionics drop chances instead of moving them around. (It's like applying a band-aid to a gash)

And finally did you really take rush repair drone out from market, we asked you for it to be added to the rewards table but not  for a .25% drop chance. If you had to do that, then should have kept it in a market.

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Thanks for the hotfix.

Any chance reactor rolls are getting changed? Getting a vidar reactor with lower avionic capacity than sigma feels pretty crappy

Also wish we at least knew the chance of getting the teneborous ephemera from red crates. 

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In the love of all Tenno please remove this RNG on Items or at least let us grind somthing to upgrade bad rolled Items

  • Player 1 gets a RJ weapon with +60% (max value) damage (god roll) he is lucky and done.
  • Player 2 gets a RJ weapon with +40% damage and he can spend (polish the weapon) with e.g. Dirac to boost the 40% step by step until the weapon is at 60%.
  • Player 3 gets a  RJ weapon with +20% damage (min value) so he can decide to grind for a new weapon with more +damage% whats highly possible to get and then grinds it up like player 2 OR he can grind even more Dirac (or Recource X) to boost polish the weapon all the way trom 20 to 60.

Grinding (to a finishline) is fine but grinding that is absolutely pointless and is purely related to luck does not make fun and results in frustration and burnout

In all the upper cases there is a finishline that has "some" RNG into it BUT it is 100% reachable by putting effort in the game without having luck only.

btw imo this also should count on Lich Weapons


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I want to cancel the avionics improvement. How can I do it?  :(




Shedu+Garuda's Claws = 😟








...Ivara can use her Bow on these missions, Titania can too use her own weapon. This is discrimination!  😠
dislike thumbs down GIF by Wiz Khalifa
В 10.01.2020 в 10:16, Fanzschnabs сказал:

Seems to be the place for it, so I'll leave this here :

How About... Adding the possibility to swap her melee to claws(& vice-versa) DURING the game ?

Hear me out :

Her 1 can be tapped for a jump or held for a "bloody hadoken" (side note : she could use some TCL on that tapped jump, so it chains a little more flawlessly, kind of like Rhino's charge, with a 1x/2x/4x effect but instead of cost reduction, add more of a damage buff on chained hits, because "Oh, look, this Heavy lvl 300 elite eximus special unit is taking 10% dmg per hit, that amount to Hundreds of thousands damage points ! Surely, she would be able to instantly rip apart anything under lvl 30 with that, right ?"...)

  Показать контент


Her 2 can be tapped on enemies to turn them to an altar, or tapped on an altar to release that particular one

Her 4 can be tapped or held depending on the desired range/angle on her "make-em-bleedy-twirly-claws-fingers-attack"


Yet, her 3 can only be tapped for a Health to Energy conversion.

So, How about adding a held command on this one, which would specifically Holster the melee weapon(s), and at the price of half your max HP, just like the hp-energy conversion, would allow her to pop out the claws ? (Do it again to go back to regular melee)

Why should it hurt ? Well, it empowers the claws for melee (literally, her passive, just from that, would grant her 50% more dmg)

  Показать контент

also Does it hurt

It would require minor tweaking of her arsenal screen, to show the claws at the same time as the regular melee, just like all the exalted weapon frames out there, and it would solve the "you need melee-conditions" problems quoted numerous times in this thread.

There it is, My 2 Ducats on this matter.




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Thanks for the update. The scrap boost was really a nice touch, as well as the 3secs of invulnerability exiting RJ.

Please let's not forget liches, we seriously need a way to discard a bad roll before the farm, we can't and wont farm for something we don't want !

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vor 7 Minuten schrieb [DE]Megan:

Increased the refund from Scrapping repaired Wreckage to 80% from 50%.

  • A welcomed increase from feedback that still maintains the risk vs reward of repairing Wreckage, hence why is it not a 100% return.


The risk of getting a straight up statistically better drop later on? we should be looking forward to getting better drops, not dread them because of resource wasting. I thought this was an improvement but honestly this comment shows how little you are commited to making the random loot a good experience. This could function if every vidar mk3 reactor was worth it, not with a variance that can just make absolutely S#&$.

How is this even supposed to be a risk reward situation, at that point we should have already gotten the reward (a good vidar reactor for example), Instead the game only pretends to give a reward and instead tells us to f off.

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