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About Coolant Leak And Derelict Corpus Squads


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Well, as wiki says, I'm able to obtain my coolant leak mod right from the Corroded Shield Osprey. Hm, okay, iirc I've met some corpus squads long time ago during farming of lephantis' coords.


So I've returned back to the derelict orokin and start searching.

10 keys for a capture mission - no success, haven't met any corpus troops.

5 keys for an extermination - same

5 keys for a survival - still no luck. 


The only defence and assasination keys left and there are clearly not place for corpus.


So my question is: is Corroded Shield Osprey the only way to get this mod on and if so, what should I do and where should I go to find corpus in derelict orokin?

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