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Archwing question



Hi all,

Not biggest fan of archwing, but have been playing the missions randomly to get affinity and collect mods etc.

Have used odonata (allround but not great), itzal (rip blink...*sob* ), ameysha (its ok but abilities are....yeah well), havent used the Elytron yet. Surprised they didnt either rework any of these or bring a new one out. Fwiw pain in ass they locked archwing weapon parts (hooray for fluctus!!) behind syndicates although i love syndicates in general 

I realised previous in archwing, there wasn't much of a variety in mod drops (or anything much aside from resources) -- just wondering but did they increased mods in general available for archwing with railjack?. I havent used my railjack yet and just curious....

is there or will there be an archwing revamp? (instead of nerfs....)

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A few archwing mods drop in rj, including auxiliary power and efficient transferral, from crates in grineer ships and bases.

Typically I find this out after hitting up trade chat for AP because I didn't want to spend forever running interceptions for the vanishingly small chance of something dropping it there ... 🤦‍♀️

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