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Railjack host issues - delay in updates of player character location, stuck to gunner seat


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As most of you are aware, Warframe can act funny if the host of your current mission doesn't have a good connection, a good PC, or a mix of both. Or maybe Warframe starts to act funny on the host itself.

These host issues become worse in Railjack. I have recorded a video which exhibit strange behavior in player character placement based on several prompts, such as entering/leaving Grineer crewships, using the Railjack recall function, and opening crewship doors. As a bonus, my shield bar started to act funny as well at the end of the mission. This MIGHT have been caused by queueing several attempts to leave/enter the crewship by mashing the interact button (mapped to X here), and several attempts to use the railjack recall function.

The other video shows me glued to the gunner seat, which normally does not happen. No idea what happened here, but I suspect it is also related to the host issues.

While not recorded in either of these videos, after the rewards screen, I saw one of the players walking around with the gunner seat AND the guns glued on him. Also, the host couldn't go back to the Drydock for some reason. I left the game and took the loss, losing most of the loot from that mission.

Just to be clear, both recordings are from the same mission, same host and clients.

Video 1 - host issues (door won't open, game can't decide where I am supposed to be at)


Video 2 - frame stuck on gunner seat


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