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Component and Armament Slots purchased from market do not work


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Generally there is no way to see what these purchasable slots actually do.

I bet most people have had wreckage "auto scrapped" and confused googled it and found that they can't have more than 30 wreckage. Most people probably keep 1 or 2 of everything and scrap as they find upgrades. Unfortunately this doesn't leave much space and it is very easy to hit the 30 cap. This limits farming runs to roughly 4 missions before having to return to drydock. Additionally when I go to scrap parts I don't even see the items I was just rewarded and have to leave the squad and go to my own dojo before I can scrap parts.

Then we see this item in the market and most people think it will alleviate this problem, increasing the capacity for components and armaments, wreckage or repaired, we purchase some and then find out that our items still get autoscrapped and this didn't increase the 30 item limit at all.

This is all made more critical as the most important railjack part people grind for is a "vidar mkiii reactor" that is an end-of-mission reward with 2% frequency and usually doesn't roll with good stats... because this is an end-of-mission reward it is the first thing to get auto-scrapped if you hit your capacity during the mission. It happens and is very disappointing.

I'll leave the judgement of what here isn't right, but there is something wrong here, ui, something... but this is not a question, this isn't a misunderstanding. I don't like "autoscrapping" in general but I concede that may be something that will never go away, but something here makes it worse.

Previous post I made that got renamed and moved... which bothers me as I feel the core problem got ignored and the important part of the issue was dismissed: 


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