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Huge Railjack Bug


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I broke the melee combo max (of 12x/220) and went to 26/510 incredibly easy.

I went into the Iota Temple node in the Earth proxima region, solo, with only a Fragor prime equipped, which had corrupt charge on it. Every single time I left the railjack and re-entered (either via omni or the exterior doors), the combo count would go up and NOT go down, even if I did not attack any enemies for a long time.

At 13x/241 combo, I was dealing (iirc) 6M+ with my heavy swings (which is when I first noticed the bug). I stopped at 26/510 because there was just no reason to continue, other than to see how far I could go (and I was not interested in doing the same thing over and over). Also by that point I had no enemies to test my swings on. Will update, if I can, following more testing.


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I just experienced this bug myself. I didn't notice it at all until my redeemer stopped being able to damage reactors. My combo counter got to be 86x, and damage numbers on enemies were displaying an integer overflow. The enemies still died, but I couldn't deal damage to objects.

I think it also triggers on entering crewships, asteroid bases, anything you enter from your archwing.

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