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War Energy Color Still Wrong


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I am unsure on if the color is properly set up, as some old screenshots (2015) I have shows both the War Pakal armor with red colors while in others they're shown blue.

However everything (Concept art and renders for the Second Dream) seems to point out that Hunhow's fragments all used blue tones for its special textures except when in control, so the red wouldn't be the proper value (since it belongs to Natah's mom):





Anyways, if you want the Hunhow blue I can give you the closest values, as I took some time to look for them:

For Primary, you want Wukong's blue emissive from Tenno Palette:



For Secondary, you want to use the Legacy Colors mode and select Classic Saturated:



This is how the end result should look:




A very interesting concept that all Sentients have their own values... Natah's could easily be purply (red + blue) while Erra's have another tone to distinguish from her. Something the art team should explore if they plan on introducing more Sentients down the line, definitely!

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