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[Warframe Concept] Levi, The Denim Warframe


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Levi the Denim warframe.

Bio: Lean, Mean, Jean machine. 

Passive: Jean Jape - When he is downed his jeans stay alive, you cannot shoot while like this but you can move regularly for 30 seconds
before falling down into the regular downed state. this helps to allow you to get closer to squad mates when downed if you were some distance from your squad.

First ability: Denim distribution - gives yourself and anyone in-front of you a pair of jeans "similar to limbos banish but they just get jeans" The jeans give teammates a armor and health buff as well as reducing status effect duration drastically.
The jeans on the enemy are too tight and poorly made. damages them over time slowly and slows them down. effected by range and strength.

Second ability: Jeans of jealousy - spawns a pair of designer jeans that lasts for 1 min scales with duration. the pair of jeans draw enemy attention within range, the first enemy to touch the jeans is then targeted by all other enemies in range.
effect is weaker the further from the jeans. If the enemy dies the jean drops for the remaining duration and the enemies rush to grab em again. effected by Duration and range.

Third ability: Product recall - Recalls all the jeans in range, each pair of recalled jeans give Denim warframe health back and a small amount of overshields as well as boosting his first ability. effected by range and strength.

Forth ability: Denim Decay/ Jean Jenocide - All jeans that exist start braking down atom by atom, This causes anyone with jeans to have a small aoe explosion around them dealing damage and shredding a small amount of armor or shield with each tick.
Duration allows more time for more ticks but strength makes a tick do more damage but have a bigger delay between ticks. This allows for builds that have plenty of ticks in a short time or one big tick. 

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